Where do you source Dog & Whistle ingredients?

Feel-good food starts with fresh ingredients. We’re proud to support local businesses by sourcing all of our meat and vegetables straight from American  farmers. Other ingredients such as seeds and oils are sourced locally where possible.

Why do you use ethically sourced meat?

All of our meats and organs are either grass-fed (beef) or free-range (chicken). Not only does this ensure the animals are treated ethically, but grass-fed and free-range meats also provide superior nutrition for your pupper.

These meats have less fat and are richer in nutrients compared to their grain-fed counterparts. Not to mention, ethically sourced beef and chicken are packing a higher ratio of omega 3 – omega 6, which reduces cellular inflammation and protects your dog from diseases like cancer.

What does it mean that Dog & Whistle is complete and balanced?

Complete and balanced means that Dog & Whistle covers all the nutrients your pupper needs, from macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates) to micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Our bowls follow the AAFCO nutritional standards and are designed to grow with your dog from their puppy years, all the way to their golden oldies.

Dog & Whistle follows a “no nasties” policy, meaning that any synthetic “vitamins and minerals” are an absolute no-no. High-temperature processing destroys nutrients, which is why commercial dog food companies add synthetic nutrients to create shelf-stable dog food. On the flip side, since Dog & Whistle is made fresh, on-demand, we use 100% whole food ingredients to balance our food. Dog & Whistle recipes undergo testing through nutritional software and food laboratories to guarantee their nutritional content.

Where do you prepare Dog & Whistle?

We prepare our food in a human-grade kitchen in Las Vegas. Our production safety matches the high standards of human food production. Unlike typical pet food companies that outsource their manufacturing, Dog & Whistle is produced in-house, which means we control every part of our production process.

Is Dog & Whistle suitable for my senior citizen?

There’s no need for puppers to act their age when they dine on Dog & Whistle wholefoods! For a senior citizen, it’s essential to maintain your pupper’s body weight to help prevent diseases such as arthritis. We customize serving sizes to ensure they continue maintaining their ideal weight.

Dog & Whistle bowls nourish seniors with natural nutrients to help them thrive in the older years. For example, Dog & Whistle has a high omega 3 – omega 6 ratio, which helps lower chronic inflammation and reduces the risk of many later-onset diseases such as cancer and arthritis.

Is Dog & Whistle suitable for my puppy?

Our Dog & Whistle bowls keep up with the perkiest of pups through carefully designed servings of the optimal nutrients for a developing dog. As puppies are continually growing, they require changing serving sizes to ensure the healthy development of their muscles, bones, and organs. We update your plan through a combination of our predictive growth algorithm and your updates on their changing size and weight.

Not to mention, your plan price won’t change for puppers, even into adulthood!

Is Dog & Whistle raw?

No, Dog & Whistle is a fresh, lightly cooked diet. Our meats and legumes are prepared the same way we would cook our own food. Our vegetables, seeds, oils, herbs and other ingredients are added raw.

Raw meat poses food safety risks, such as potential contamination through pathogens and bacteria. Some raw food companies may not produce balanced food, which may lead to pupper getting long-term deficiencies in certain nutrients. Plus, some puppers are particularly sensitive to a raw diet and are not be able to handle consuming raw meat.

Dog & Whistle bowls are the best of all three worlds: complete and balanced meals made from clean ingredients, without the risk of bacteria and pathogens, and gentle on sensitive tummies.


What are some of the changes I may see in pupper when they switch to Dog & Whistle?

At Dog & Whistle, we’re all about that fresh food difference. Puppers that make the switch see a lot of positive changes. Increased enthusiasm during meal times translates to increased energy throughout the day. Other noticeable changes include shinier and healthier coats, improved dental health and less stinky poos.

You may also notice that your pupper has smaller poos. This is perfectly natural since Dog & Whistle doesn’t contain fillers. Your pupper is merely digesting and using a larger portion of the food than before.

Why don’t you sell one-off orders?

At Dog & Whistle, we believe that a fresh, real food diet is a lifestyle change, not a once-off. We want our Dog & Whistle puppers to experience the fresh food difference through consistent and long-term improvement in their diet.

Do you offer a trial?

Yes, you can give Dog & Whistle the sniff test with our 7-day trial! This is an excellent option if you’re still not sure, or just want to try Dog & Whistle out. At check-out, you can choose to either sign up for a continuous plan straight away or select a 7-day trial, that will later convert to a plan. After you receive your trial box, you have the freedom to pause or cancel at any time.

How do you calculate how much my pupper should eat?

Our veterinary-derived algorithm calculates how much your pupper should be eating based on your pupper’s profile. Factors like their current weight, age, activity level, and body shape help our algorithm calculate the daily calorie intake your pupper needs to maintain their ideal weight.

If your pupper’s profile changes or you simply think we haven’t quite landed on their right serving, let us know. We’ll adapt their serving sizes to land on their perfect fit.

What if I want to change my pupper’s serving size?

You can access and change your pupper’s information by logging into your Dog & Whistle account on our website. Different lifestyle changes, such as changes in their exercise routine, can affect how much your pupper needs to eat. Even if your pupper hasn’t had any major changes but you think their serving size isn’t quite right, let us know! We will change their customized serving size on their next delivery.

How do I transition my pupper onto Dog & Whistle?

Your first package will have step-by-step instructions on transitioning your pupper to Dog & Whistle. The process generally takes about a week and involves mixing your previous food with Dog & Whistle and gradually increasing the amount of Dog & Whistle. Your pupper’s tummy will be adjusted to Dog & Whistle in no time!

Do I need to consult my vet before switching to Dog & Whistle?

Since Dog & Whistle was developed alongside vets and is complete and balanced, you do not need to consult your vet before transitioning to Dog & Whistle. However, if your pupper has had food allergies or dietary problems in the past, it’s always a good idea to talk to your vet before switching their diet.

How long does Dog & Whistle stay fresh for?

We don’t add any preservatives to Dog & Whistle, which means that our food has a limited shelf-life. We vacuum seal your pupper’s pouches to prolong the freshness of their Dog & Whistle meals. Frozen, Dog & Whistle will keep for 3 months. In the fridge, Dog & Whistle will last for 2 days. We recommend storing your pupper’s Dog & Whistle pouches in the freezer and moving them to the fridge the day before opening.

How much freezer room should I make for Dog & Whistle?

Every 500 grams of Dog & Whistle is about the size of a standard ice cube tray. For example, if your pupper’s serving is 500g per day, and you’re receiving a 2-week delivery, you need space for about 14 ice cube trays.

Is Dog & Whistle packaging recyclable?

Yes! We have designed our packaging with environmental sustainability in mind. Unlike other food delivery services that use Styrofoam boxes, which are extremely detrimental to the environment, our packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. We’ll even provide you with recycling instructions at delivery.

What if my pupper doesn’t like Dog & Whistle?

In our experience, even the pickiest of eaters go crazy for Dog & Whistle. However, if you’re not sure or your pupper is an extremely fussy eater, we recommend giving our 7-day trial box a go.


Where do you deliver?

Our Dog & Whistle service extends to over 70% of American ’s population. You can check whether we ship to your area as soon as you start our sign-up survey. Delivery is always free!

If we don’t yet ship to you, leave us your email. We’ll let you know once we expand to your area.

When do you deliver?

Your delivery will arrive every few weeks, depending on your customized shipping scheduled. You’ll always be able to see your next scheduled delivery through your Dog & Whistle account. Once each box is shipped, you will receive a link to track your shipment.

Do I have to be home when it’s delivered?

Enjoy worry-free delivery with Dog & Whistle. Our insulated box keeps your pupper’s meals at the right temperature until you get home. Just be sure to pop the pouches into the freezer once you arrive!

Want to receive Dog & Whistle at your work address? You can provide us with delivery instructions at checkout.

What if I am away on holidays?

If you need to change your scheduled delivery date, simply reach out to us. We’ll set you up with a delivery date that suits your schedule. If necessary, you can also pause your deliveries by logging into your Dog & Whistle account and resume them once you’re back.

Is pupper traveling with you? Keep them well-fed by taking Dog & Whistle on the go in the original insulation and ice packs you received with your delivery!

When will I be charged?

Your card is charged automatically 5 days before each delivery. The exact dates of your upcoming payment and delivery can be viewed when you log in to your Dog & Whistle account. We accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX debit and credit cards.

Is there a minimum subscription time required?

Not at all. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time directly from your Dog & Whistle account. You can also switch between different plan options. We only ask that you make any changes before your next scheduled payment, so that your upcoming order is not processed.

How can I get in touch?

Questions? Comments? Cute pictures of your pupper? We want to hear from you! Our team is happy to chat with you and resolve any issues promptly. Here are a few ways to reach out:

Message us on Facebook
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Email us at info@Dog&Whistle.com